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First Half 2016 Professional Recruitment

SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. is recruiting Doctors of Science (D.Sc.), Doctors of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Technical Science, Physics, and Mathematics as well as Master of Sciences (M.Sc.) / Engineers majoring in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security, Applied Mathematics, Electronics Engineering, Semiconductor Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, or another relevant major who have appropriate RnD experience to work at Corporate Research and Development (RnD) Centers in Suwon, Republic of Korea (South Korea).

Particular interest is shown in specialists as follows:

  • Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, B2B Solutions
  • Healthcare Service Engineering, Medical Image Processing, Medical Data Management
  • Next-Generation Software Development, Information Security Solutions
  • Mobile Communication, Network Connectivity Solutions
  • System LSI Solutions (IP, USB, PCIe, MIPI, HDMI)
  • Advanced Material Research and Development

Professional interviews will presumably take place in Moscow (Russia) and (or) some other cities. The presumable recruitment schedule is as follows:

Aug.~Oct., 2015 Conference Call Interviews (CCI) / Video Conference Interviews (VCI) / English Tests
Sept.~Nov., 2015 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Interviews (Presumable Interview Cities: Moscow [Russia], Frankfurt am Main [Germany])

In order to hold HR / technical interviews for work at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. in Suwon, South Korea, several delegations are planning to visit Russia and / or some other countries. This will enable the job applicants to meet their future leaders and discuss various professional issues with them.

Contact Information: In order to apply, click HERE.