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First Impressions of South Korea at Samsung Electronics
by Samsung Employee from Russia, Doctor of Sciences, MSU

1. Samsung and South Korea
The Samsung Group includes Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Display Interface (SDI), Samsung Constructions, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Chemicals, and some other structural groups. The Samsung Electronics Headquarters are located in Suwon City, 25 miles to the south of Seoul.

My Top 5 Memories of Korea
By GSP-SKK (Samsung-Sponsored MBA Program) Graduate

What are my memories of Korea? There are too many of them. However, I would like to dwell on my top five most precious ones. Why just five? This is because I think it is my lucky number!

Memory 1: Mountains and Travel
Hiking is among my favorite ways of spending time. There are many mountains all over Korea. Hence, one has no other choice but to climb a mountain, at least a few times.