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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is currently searching for experienced research-and-development (RnD) engineers, software developers, scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and chemists who are interested in work at corporate RnD centers in the following corporate business units in the Republic of Korea (South Korea):


  • Digital Media and Communications Research and Development Center (DMC RnD Center)
  • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)
  • Mobile Communication Division
  • Visual Display Division (VD)
  • Network Division (NW)
  • Semiconductor Division (RnD Center, Memory, System LSI)
  • Health and Medical Equipment Division (HME)

Particular interest is shown in specialists having experience in the following areas: Algorithm Development, Software Engineering (System Programming, Embedded Software, Multimedia, Linux, Android, Java, C/C++, Python), Cloud-Computing Technology, Information Security (Cryptography, Encryption, AES, RSA, Digital Rights Management, Content Protection), Image / Object Recognition, Image Processing, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Network Technology (Modem, LTE, GPS, ASIC, SoC, CFR, DPD), Electronics Engineering, Circuit Design (ASIC, FPGA, SoC, ADC / DAC), Acoustics Design (Transducer, Drive, Diaphragm), Optics Design, Semiconductor Physics, Computer-Aided Simulation, Material Science, Nanotechnology, Chemical Synthesis, Medical Equipment Development